Transportation Security Administration and Asheville Regional Airport advises all departing travelers to reach the airport at least one and a half hours to two hours before the

scheduled flight time for check-in and security screening procedures.

Checking In

The airport recommends booking a trip 21+ days before the departure date.

Passengers must check-in at least a half-hour before the scheduled flight, or they will not be allowed on the flights of most airlines as they have a 30-minute check-in policy. Allegiant Airlines require travelers to check-in no less than 45 minutes before flight time.


TSA recommends having valid government-issued photo ID and boarding pass ready to show the agent.

Travelers should be prepared to remove coat, shoes, loose change, cell phone, and large parts of metal from pockets.

All these items and any carry-on objects, like a purse and backpack, will go through the X-ray scanner.

Laptops and tablet devices will also need to be removed from bags and placed in a bin provided by TSA agents.

Passengers may request a hand-screening of camera film with a speed of 1000 or higher at the security checkpoint, as they will be damaged in the X-ray machine.

Limiting the amount of metal on a person, like belt buckles and large jewelry, is highly advised. If travelers have any metal in their bodies, such as screws, plates, rods, or pins, the TSA agent should be notified before proceeding through the security screening.

Identification Documents

A legitimate government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, is sufficient identification for passengers traveling within the United States.

For those traveling outside of the United States, they will need a current passport.

In case of not having valid government-issued ID, passengers will need to show two alternative forms of identification bearing the name of the passenger, such as a birth certificate, marriage license, social security card, or credit card. Also, one of these documents must include one of these: gender, address, date of birth, or photo.

Domestically traveling passengers under 18 do not require to show ID at the security checkpoint, as only a boarding pass is required. However, internationally traveling minors are still required to show a passport.